Everything you need to know to be dangerous.



  1. Search Hesta Home in the App Store and download the Hesta Home App from your iPhone* and open the Hesta Home app.
  2. Enter the primary email address associated with your MRED account.

  3. Enter a password meeting the following criteria

    • 8 characters long

    • must contain 3 of the 4:  lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, symbol

    • it is recommended to use a different password than your MRED password

  4. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to confirm your email address.

  5. Use the link in the email to confirm you are an active MRED member.  

  6. Open the 'Hesta Home' app to login and create your profile.



How to Add a Client

To Import From Your iPhone Contacts

  1. Click 'Add a Client' in the quick actions card on the dashboard.
  2. Select 'Import From Contacts' (you must give hesta access to your contacts for this to work)
  3. Find the contact you wish to import and select them to add them as a client.  
  4. Fill out all required fields (first, last, email address).
  5. Click 'Send Invitation' to invite your client to Hesta Home.

To Create From Scratch:

  1. Click 'Add a Client' in 'Quick Actions' on the dashboard.
  2. Select 'Create New Client'
  3. Fill in all required fields for the new client  (first, last, email address).
  4. Click 'Send Invitation' to invite your client to Hesta Home.

Creating A Saved Search

  1. Click on the "Properties" tab
  2. Drag the map to your desired location or enter a location (i.e. zip code, city, neighborhood code)
  3. Click on "Filters" in the upper right and choose your filters (for example "Price Range", "Bedrooms" etc.)
  4. Click "Apply" to filter the results
  5. View the results on the map or click on "List" at the top to see a list of the properties
  6. Click the "Save Search" button located in the bottom right corner (only on the map view) to save the search
  7. Select the client you wish to save the search for or save for yourself
  8. Edit the search name ("Lincoln Park - Client Name")
  9. Click "Save" to save the search to the users profile or your profile

The saved search can be rerun at any time by going to the appropriate user profile and selecting it.  

Creating Your First Showing

  1. Click the "Clients" button (bottom menu)
  2. Select the Client that you wish to schedule a showing for
  3. Click "Create Showing" icon (upper right corner)
  4. Click "Add Properties to Search" and select a property
  5. Select the date and time at the bottom
  6. Add Personalized notes
  7. Click "Done" to view a summary of your showings
  8. Click "Send to Client"

Adding a Gap